Ciara is throwing in the towel with her libel claim for $15 million against rapper Future.

Ciara’s lawyer reportedly felt she wouldn’t be able to win her lawsuit, and has filed to have the remaining libel claim dismissed, said TMZ. Future previously aired the singer out over Twitter by referring to her as an unfit mother and citing “this b**ch got control problems,” in reference to their previous relationship that produced a son between the two.

Funny thing is, Ciara is actually making more money since Future made those mean comments about her. Coincidence? Maybe. It’s safe to say it really hurt her feelings, because there’s one thing she isn’t letting go so easily.

The statement’s made by Future have not caused any “financial hardship” for Ciara, but she is still suing the “Wicked” rapper for “False Light,” basically for making her look bad. She still has to prove that Future’s harsh comments have caused her to lose income.

It seems the pettiness between them continues.


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