Freezing temperatures causing problems with the water pressure in the City of Lake Charles. You may have noticed if you tried to take a shower or wash clothes. The water pressure is low, due to freezing temperatures.

Everyone is letting their faucets drip to prevent burst pipes, but some pipes are bursting anyway. These two factors are taking a toll on the city's overall water supply. City Administrator John Cardone announced for the next two days, the Lake Charles Water Division is requesting that residents voluntarily conserve water. Cardone issued the following statement,

“Water usage is high because pipes have burst due to the freezing weather. In addition, residents are keeping faucets running to prevent pipes from freezing,” Cardone continued. “When temperatures are above freezing, all running faucets should be turned off. Doing this will help rebuild water pressure in our system.”

Tonight temperatures are expected to dip into the teens, which means we are going to be at t and will fall below freezing again tonight. A steady drip is all you need. Please call in any concerns regarding water at (337) 491-1201.;id=4767

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