So I have heard people talking their way out of tickets. I have actually been lucky enough myself. While not trying to avoid something if I were in the wrong. But there have been some situations where I had to state my case on something and occasionally the police men saw things my way. But this right here is taking it to another level of the game.

This young man was in court awaiting the verdict from the judge by singing the hit song from Adele "Hello". I know this is a serious case and I am sure that the young man was more then humbled and sincere, but I could not help but to think what everyone in the courtroom was thinking when he started singing.


Young Man in court sings Adele themed song to avoid jail time:

We don't know if he was actually given a pass or what his sentencing was. But I would hope that if he gets a second chance that he doesn't go down this road again. He is only 21 years old and could really spend his life doing some positive things and staying away from the wrong side of the law.

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