A few local residents of this neighborhood woke up to this view of a message from what we can assume is now an EX partner. The white Ford F150 not only had a nice little not written on the driver's door, but it appears also to have a crushed-in windshield to add insult to injury.

Lindsay LaBert McComb
Lindsay LaBert McComb

We all remember the soap opera-like posts about Mike from Sasol back in June, perhaps this is a long-lost cousin that got caught. There are a few things to take in from this picture. First of all, whoever wrote it had enough focus to change their handwriting three times: Bolt, cursive, and a weird mixture of comic sans, perhaps. The added decoration of the curly lines shows a touch of artistic license helping lead your eyes to the main message on the door. The final punctuation on the scene is the giant almost hole in the front windshield right in front of the driver's view. Finally, it appears that the tires are not slashed, this tells me that whoever did it perhaps wanted the driver of the truck to be able to drive the vehicle to help spread the message that they indeed "got, got". I wonder how you make an insurance claim on this.

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