If you haven't been vaccinated against the coronavirus, you may seriously want to reconsider. Don't play Russian Roulette with your life! Thursday (July 7) heath experts, state officials and disease specialists are sounding the alarm as the highly contagious delta variant is now the dominant strain of the coronavirus in Louisiana. The deadly variant, first identified in India, is responsible for the state’s recent surge in cases. At press time state health officer Dr. Joseph Kanter said, for the first time since COVID vaccinations became available, coronavirus hospitalizations and testing have significantly jumped across the state over the last few weeks.

According to statewide stats, cases have been on a consistent rise week after week. Dr. Kanter warned. “It’s difficult for us to know how bad it’s going to get.” Persons at risk are the unvaccinated. Concern is going as there have been more than 350 new COVID hospitalizations in the past two weeks, more than 30 of these patients are on ventilators and 6 people have died. Of Louisiana's nine health regions, seven have seen a rapid rise in positive COVID-19 cases. The delta variant is a mutation of the original coronavirus strain and it is far more contagious than other variants. Louisiana is

Here's another serious trend, young people are among those most likely to get sick. Free vaccinations are available at nearly all pharmacies, health clinics, doctors offices and most urgent cares. Get your vaccine today and the enter the Shot at a Million sweepstakes for doing your part to end the coronavirus pandemic. In Lake Charles  COVID testing and vaccinations are being offered at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Talk to your healthcare provider or search for a vaccination location near you here.

Only 38% of the Louisiana population has had at least one shot and 35% of the states residents is fully vaccinated. Louisiana is among 11 states in the nation with a population that is under vaccinated.

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