Over the weekend I got the check out Master P's Family Empire. It really goes into details about the No Limit Soldier and what his life is like behind the microphone. We got to meet some of this children who he usually keeps around him and see a side of P that we didn't know. We obviously know that he is a talented business man and pretty creative on the promotions side as well. But after watching the show. It shows another side of the man behind the plan.

One of this kids is Cymphonique who has appeared on Disney, but is also a talented singer as well. Earlier this year we saw bounce making it to the mainstream with the help of the artist S-80 out of New Orleans. And now it seems Cymphonique is taking a note from that as well. She is working with No Limit in house producer Blak N Mild and they have created a joint called "Thinking".

It features Money Mafia member Ace B and takes a little of the bounce and R&B flavor and intruduces it to the world out there. Check out the latest video and see Cymphonique in action doing her thing.


Cymphonique ft. Ace B- "Thinking":

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