Generally speaking, ABCs are anything but entertaining—except for when they're done by your favorite rappers. That's something XXL makes happen, and for today's edition of ABCs, a series that puts rappers on the spot to say a word that pops into their head when hearing each of the 26 letters in the alphabet, we have 2019 XXL Freshman DaBaby.

Known for his granite tone of voice and menacing lyrics, DaBaby lets loose a bit for his entry into XXL's ABCs. In the segment, the Charlotte, N.C. rapper showcases his sense of humor while showing a soft side for sweets and bashing vegan food. When he's not doing that, he's letting off some insults or getting some self-promotion in.

"D, donuts. Krispy Kreme with the hot sign on 'em," DaBaby says. "F, fuck you. Bitch-ass nigga," he adds.

A bit further on in the alphabet, DaBaby dismisses a dietary plan. "V, vegan food is nastier than a muthafucka. I don't know how y'all be doing it," he shares.

DaBaby also uses the alphabet to ask viewers an important question. "Y, why the fuck haven't you downloaded my new mixtape?" Hey, if you don't plug yourself who will, right?

Peep DaBaby's ABCs up top and check out behind-the-scenes images of DaBaby on the set of the 2019 XXL Freshman cover shoot below.

See Photos of DaBaby Behind the Scenes at the 2019 XXL Freshman Cover Shoot

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