Being told by your doctor that you have diabetes can be a major blow for some. Having to change your lifestyle is not an easy feat, which is why diabetic rappers like Boosie BadAzz continue to promote diabetes awareness throughout the country. Although the disease shockingly claimed the life of A Tribe Called Quest's Phife Dawg just one year ago, Dame Dash wants the world to know that the incurable illness shouldn't stop anyone from continuing to live their life, as it didn't for him.

Dash was diagnosed with diabetes at the young age of 15. Over the years, the Type 1 diabetic has spoken out about the struggles it can cause and what you can do to overcome them, and on August 7, he will officially launch the Dash Diabetes Network so others like him can share their stories.

"Allll you have to do is live a real healthy lifestyle, and you can win," he says while recounting his history with the illness. The Dash Diabetes Network already has a few blog posts where "diabadasses" can read about different ways to control it. With the help of Dame's "Wifey for Lifey" Raquel Horn, the Afrezza-sponsored site will be "a place to showcase your strength." It will also keep readers informed on the latest updates and innovations to find a cure, while he and Horn provide ways to eat healthier and combat diabetes to a level where it doesn't affect one's life in such a great capacity.

Before the launch, Damon Dash continues to spread awareness through his social media channels, more specifically on Facebook. The music mogul has gone live twice within the past week and hosted Q&A sessions so people can better understand the cause. For more information on the Dash Diabetes Network, visit the official website or watch his videos in full here.

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