With a new year on the horizon, Dame Dash is already making big moves for 2018. The hip-hop mogul is putting the finalized touches on his upcoming movie, Honor Up, which he also stars in alongside Cam'ron as well as as his controversial cousin, Stacey Dash.

Dame and Cam posted the promotional poster for the film on Instagram, revealing that the official release date is slated for Feb. 14, 2018 next year.

The movie's synopsis is based around Dame Dash's upbringing in Harlem, and some of the trials and tribulations he faced on his rise to success. Dame also shared another photo of himself standing beside Kanye West. The moment captured the two friends after discussing the final version of the film.

"Just showed my brother and executive producer the final version of #honorup," Dame wrote on Instagram in reference to Kanye. "Wanted his honest opinion cause he’s snotty like me ..and he loved it #staytuned @damondashstudios #honorup in theaters...February  by #wifeyforlifey @raquelmhorn#investinwomen."

According to Dame, the two played a bit of role reversal for the movie, where Kanye did more of the administrative work around the film, and Dame got creative with the storyline and putting the concepts together.

Meanwhile, Stacey Dash is threatening to get her lawyers involved since she was incorporated into the film's promo, which was apparently done without her permission. When asked if she's involved in Honor Up, the actress tells The Jasmine Brand that she isn't part of the movie, and will be letting her lawyer handle it.

"No. I am not," she states. "I'll let the lawyers handle it."

See the posts about Honor Up below, and stay tuned for the flick to hit theaters on Feb. 14, 2018.

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