If you are a fan of "Duck Dynasty", you are surely familiar with the antics of Mountain Man from the show. He is a character who really took off his own shine from the show and he was live in Lake Charles today at R&R Tire Express.

They have plenty of great bargains and sales for everyone where they also gave away plenty of wheel sets. They announced several winners that walked away with more then they came with. If you are not familiar with him on television, check out the clip below.

Mountain Man talks to Si and Willie From Duck Dynasty:

Check out photos from today's event where there were plenty of great people who came out to the remote. I also met plenty of great new folks that came by today from San Antonio and Arkansas. Also a big shout out the crew who is always welcoming at R&R Tire Express for making our time there the bomb.


It was truly an honor to meet Mountain Man and when I tell you that he is the same in person as he is in person. He is a character and a half. When I talked to him today he mentioned that he can be heard on KMLB every Tuesday and you would enjoy. I am gonna have to peep him out myself and check out the show. Thanks to everyone for coming out today and hanging out with us.


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