From music, coffee, and marijuana, late singer Bob Marley would be proud of the business men his sons have become.

According to TMZ, Damian Marley is now 1 of 20 members of an investment group that has recently purchased legendary marijuana magazine, High Times.

The recent purchase is reportedly worth $70 million, and is the first time the company has been sold since it was founded in 1974, said the gossip blog.

High Times’ reportedly already has plans to do more live events, and continue the "Cannabis Cup.”

“High Times had me daydreaming of so many beautiful strains that at the time I had not yet the chance to experience,” said Damian Marley. He even credited the publication with teaching him the difference between “male and female cannabis plants.”

It’s great to see people of color stepping into the forefront of a industry that will soon become legalized across the country. I don’t smoke, but I support the legalization.

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