Aspiring rappers, stop whining because a Dj told you your self-proclaimed "hit record" wasn't good enough. Don't get your underwear in a bunch just yet, I'm about to give you some advice, so do with it what you can. But first, you've got to take action.

If you've ever sent a Dj your song and they told you it wasn't good enough, ie: booty, doesn't fit format, garbage, needs work, not feeling it, sub par, trash, wack, wrong vibe, and etc., I'm pretty sure it wasn't because they flat out didn't like you. Maybe on occasion, they don't like you, but that's not the point I'm about to make.

Don't get in your feelings and post derogatory remarks on social media about the Dj who allegedly "hurt you", because I can almost guarantee, you sent them your song because you value his/her opinion. Personally, if I don't like you or have an issue with you, I'll tell you. If I don't like your song, it's not a reflection of how I feel about you. There are people I don't care for, but I'm still man enough to set my personal feelings aside to tell them they have a good song.

Think you're hot stuff regardless of what some "local" Dj thinks? Well, get back in the studio and keep recording until you produce something that "fits the format" or that isn't poo-cheese.  Also, what one Dj thinks is good or bad, does vary. I also make it my point to challenge the artist to prove me wrong when they feel my opinion is invalid. If I don't like their song, I don't mind standing corrected. If it's a hit song, time will tell, or it won't.

There are what many consider "wack rappers" in the game today, but what separates many of those alleged "wack rappers" from the rest is persistence. They're not crying about what someone didn't do for them. They went back to the drawing board until something made sense.

Time's a wastin' "superstar," get off your ass and get in the game if you're as good as you say you are!

If you're so much better than ________, why is it that you're still where you are? Get things done by any means necessary, and don't blame anyone for what YOU have not accomplished.

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Sidenote: There are a few DJs who are flat out sucka's, but I don't speak for them.

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