As Dee-1's ascent in the rap game continues, the New Orleans rapper isn't afraid to reflect on his humble beginnings and uphill battle to make it in the music industry. He does this yet again on the Kelvin Brown-produced track 'Drake Concert,' as he describes two widely different experiences at past Drake shows.

In the opening verse, Dee-1 paints the picture of a night where he was hustling his mixtapes and posters outside of a Drake show in Baton Rouge without much luck.

"Standing outside of the Varsity on Highland Road / Just leaving this Drake concert, I'm bout to rock 'n' roll / Got my card, table and my mixtapes / Had my posters and I posted till the people exit / I'm available for pictures and autographs and interviews / 'Man nobody worried bout you or your mixtapes!' / OK, I got some haters / But once they listen to this tape, I bet they thank me later," he raps.

Dee-1 then takes listeners to another Drake concert in New Orleans, this time where he served as the opening act. Dee-1 explains how the show motivated him and inspired him to figure out the key to success. Five years later, we fast forward to Dee-1 experiencing success himself.

This track will likely be featured on Dee-1's upcoming mixtape, 'Good Luck With That,' due out later this summer.

Listen to Dee-1's 'Drake Concert'

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