Dej Loaf is doling out advice in her new music video. The Detroit rapper revisits her song "Goals" with a visual that sees her donning all white garb along with her piano player. Dej Loaf spits about how she made it while providing some guidance for those that need it.

"Stop making me promises that you ain’t gon’ keep/I tried to tell you once before, don’t mean shit to me/If you don’t know me by now I don’t know when we gon’ meet/Got a meeting at three, studio is at six/You know exactly where I’m gon’ be/I’m busy, I’m busy, can’t answer my phone, everybody keep calling me/Last week you was hectic, this week I ain’t stressing/I know I’m on a winning streak/Don’t eat at Katana's, don’t eat Benihana’s, I take me a salad and wings/You gotta value your team/Play by the rules, keep shit sold up/If I put you in charge lil nigga, you better not fold up nigga/I say hold up, what’s the hold up, this shit bigger than ever/You remind me of a old pup/And I been getting money, why you bringing up old stuff/Keep it real, niggas owe us/They can keep it cause we don’t need it/One in a million, you can ask Aaliyah/Got it honest, no luck or cheating/I don’t trust these niggas, can’t even trust the seasons/When it’s snowing in June, shit fuck you meaning," Dej Loaf raps.

The Izze the Producer produced "Goals" appears on Dej Loaf's latest mixtape All Jokes Aside. If you missed it when it dropped back in April, you can stream the entire project here.

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