Finally we can say that justice has been served with the recent 22 and a half prison sentence given to disgraced former police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd. This past year has been traumatic on so many of us including myself. Locally we had to deal with 2 Hurricanes back to back. Nationally, we had to deal with a global pandemic. Then in May of last year, the cry heard around the world had us all at a standstill. On May 25, Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd by kneeling on his neck and staying there as George cried out for his deceased mother.

While it is great news that Derek Chauvin will have to serve justice in the unjustly murder of George Floyd. I had the chance to visit Minneapolis on last year, and actually had the chance to visit George Floyd square. It was truly a very sobering moment. Just taking it all in and looking at the store where this man died had my wife and I emotional. I am happy that justice is served, but I am still conflicted on whether or not this is enough. True this is the first time that a police officer has been handing this type of sentencing for killing a Black man. I just feel like there should be more.

I am hoping that with this sentence, this will potentially sway any further incidents like this from happening. It's ok to wish right? We need tougher laws on bad Police Officers and we need to see more justice. I am also not against going back and pulling up some of the older cases where justice wasn't served. These families are expected to go on without their loved ones and the potentially fired officer can move his family some where else and get another job as a possible threat to someone else's community.



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