I remember my first time seeing Dick Gregory. It was when I first moved here to Lake Charles. I was around 28 years old or so and had never seen this man before in my life. But that was a night that I would not forget. You can be pretty sure that an individual is telling the truth and hitting home when you can look around and see squirming in the seats and people looking uncomfortable.

Dick is a staple in the black community, he was around Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev Al Sharpton and so many more. When he speaks, people listen. He not only knows history, but alot of the things that he talks about is truth. You know it was only a matter of time before he chimed in on the death of Prince, Afeni Shakur and more. Check out this video interview where he discusses these deaths and more.


Dick Gregory talks the death of Afeni Shakur, Prince and more:

Whether you agree or disagree, there are logics and truth to alot of things that he says. Dick Gregory is known for being controversial, and alot of folks claim his knowledge and not being reliable. But if you really do your research on his career. You would see that he is still here for a reason.

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