Last night Instagram got shut down because of one of the most viewed battle yet. It was Babyface Vs Teddy Riley. This was a rematch from this past Friday as Teddy was basically on Team doing to much and things didn't work out.

Well last night it all kicked off and the gloves were off. Unfortunately there were still issues with because of Teddy's internet and apparently he didn't fully charge his phone. But overall it was a good battle.

Check out the full battle below in this exclusive clip.

Now there were some questionable songs from Teddy Riley on whether he could play remixes or if he even produced them. But overall the battle was great for the music culture. I honestly believe there were plenty of songs that could have been played that were left out. Maybe we can venture off into a part two and see if we can work things out that way. Either way Kudos to both of these great producers and be on the lookout for more music to come.

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Beautiful Louisiana Wildlife

Beautiful Louisiana Wildlife


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