90's Block Party/Erik Tee

Last Night was amazing! It was by far one of the best concerts I have been to in awhile. It was time for Lafayette to be mesmerized by the hottest of the hot from the 90's. It's called the 90's Block Party and it was nothing but a good time as we had a chance to witness some of the best of the best. There were performances from Next, 112, Jagged Edge, Dru Hill and the return of Guy featuring Teddy Riley.

All of these artist have a repertoire of hits, but to see them all one night on stage was something that was on another level. The event was hosted by Comedian Gary (G-Thang) Johnson who kept the crowd rolling from going on and interacting with everyone and picking a few from the crowd to poke fun at.

One of the surprising moments from the show was Jagged Edge and 112 performing together and even performing each others songs. There was a rumor of them having some beef back in the day, but apparently all of that is old news as they are moving forward and creating hits. Also for those who don't know there are new albums from 112 and Jagged Edge and the tracks are classic just like some of their older gems. Also Next performed and gave a great show and also did some of their music that they produced for others including Anything that was made popular by Jagged Edge. All and all the show was amazing and kudos to G Square Events for putting together and very great show and showing much love to the folks that came out last night.