Before I actually got on the radio and displayed this sexy voice (lol). I wanted to be a dj on the turntables. I have 3 guys who I admire including Dj Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash who basically started scratching and of course the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run-D.M.C. I have actually met Grandmaster Flash and DJ Jazzy Jeff is on my bucket list, but unfortunately due to senseless violence I will never get the opportunity to meet Jam Master Jay. He was taken away from us October 30th,2002. Well yesterday was his birthday and some popular dj's in New York including his son got together for a fitting tribute and you can see some of the video below!

I thought for a minute the true art of DJ'ing had lost it's luster. Alot of the performers you see on stage now don't even use DJ's anymore. I am glad to see that it's still alive and kicking and proud to say that  I am a dj and consider myself a spawn from the Jam Master Jay legacy!

RUN-D.M.C- Down with the king:


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