Being a DJ, I love the art of watching a DJ doing his or her thing on the stage. One of the first DJs to truly influence me was Grandmaster Flash. I actually had the chance to meet him back in 1998, and i can honestly say that I was good.

Watching him do his thing on the turntables was something that I had never seen before. He was able to do tricks on the turntables and mix beats to keep the crowd moving on the floor. Big shouts out to Ebro, who actually held an hour long session with Grandmaster Flash who really schools even beginners on how the art of Deejaying came about. Check out the clip below. What really got me was seeing him take it back to the essence of really using turntables and not the computer toward the end.

Grandmaster Flash talks the evolution of hip hop:

I have been in the radio and Deejaying game for a while, but I still appreciate the art of seeing someone cut up on the ones and twos. If you don't respect the art after this and didn't pick up a little something, then obviously you're not serious about your craft. Always respect the DJ.

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