While he is known for being one of The Original Kings Of Comedy. D.L. Hughley is one of the most politically charged personalities who will ruffle some feathers and then calm you down again. He is also the host of his nationally syndicated radio shows that airs in various cities around the world.

So when you get this crazy guy to stop by The Breakfast Club to really talk about things. You can expect the often unfiltered jabs from Charlamagne Tha God and D.L. to really shake some things up. D.L. and his radio co host talked about everything from having a baby outside his marriage, his friend Steve Harvey and so much more during the hour long interview.


This was one of the realest interviews ever. If you didn't feel moved to want to make a change after seeing this. Then you obviously don't have a conscious or a heart. D.L. Hughley is by far a very throught provoking comedian, but he is a real man before any of that.

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