Currently, Kanye West is banned from Instagram and honestly, things have been rather quiet lately. Things have taken a major shift in the wrong direction since his split from former wife Kim Kardashian and she's started a new relationship with SNL member Pete Davidson. Kanye has released a video with 2 parts where he is literally killing Pete Davidson and has been in professing his love for his ex-wife, although it's being taken out of hand a little. Kanye has also been very vocal about not being able to spend time with his kids like before as well.


Comedian and radio host D.L. Hughley has called Kanye West out a little over his erratic behavior lately and said that his social media actions are reflective of someone who has stalker tendencies and possible signs of someone being unstabled.
This obviously didn't sit well with Kanye West who called D.L. a sell-out and actually gave out his address in a way to intimidate the comedian and radio host. Well late last week Hughley had a reply for Kanye and from the sounds of it, he was;t very pleased and spoke on it during his radio show.

As the old generation says I don't have a dog in the fight but when you threaten a man and his family there are usually dire consequences that follow. I don't know what the outcome will be but hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Some of Kanye's antics have already gotten him removed from performing at Grammy and there is currently a petition to have him removed as a performer at Coachella with over 23,000 signatures.


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