The second round of the NFL playoffs goes down tomorrow and all eyes are gonna be on the Saints (12-5) / Seahawks (13-3) game.  What team are you routing for?  Let us know who you think will walk away with the win.  Will it be the Saints or the Seahawks?

Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

One things for sure, the Saints have a lot to prove.  The last time the two teams met up, New Orleans was pounded by Seattle and suffered an embarrassing loss (34-7).  Will the Saints adjust and hand the Seahawks a "Who Dat" whoppin?  Or will they meet defeat again?

We shall see.  The New Orleans Saints will get a second chance at redemption in this weekend’s NFC divisional playoff game airing at 3:35 pm on Fox.

As for me, I'm form Louisiana so reppin the home team all the way.  I'm putting my money on the New Orleans Saints!  Yeah, they got skull-drug they last go around, but everybody has a bad game.  Now, they've had time to look at why the lost, make the adjustments and fix the problems.

It's not going to be an easy win, but if Brees brings his "A"game on the passing and the Saints bring their running game like the did last weekend New Orleans WILL win this game!  WHO DAT!!!!!

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