I never thought I'd see the day that rappers had beef over business endeavors. It's quite a long shot from the traditional "I rap better than you, My crew is harder than yours, What coast do you represent?" type of  hip hop beefs don't you think?


Word on the internet is that Jay Z is a bit perturbed with his former Def Jam Records label mate Ludacris. Just to show you how much hip hop has matured, kind of. The beef actually has nothing to do with hip hop.

Apparently Jay Z and Ludacris were both in the running to open a new bar/restaurant in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, which would only allow one new bar/restaurant to open. Jay Z was hoping to open a new 40/40 restaurant & Ludacris was looking to open his Chicken & Beer

Jay & Luda as well went all out by hiring the top PR firms and lobbyists to serve up extensive marketing campaigns to present to Hartsfield-Jackson, but Luda had the upper hand because he is good friends with
Mayor Kasim Reed who went before the Atlanta City Council to speak on behalf of Ludacris. Of course the Jigga man’s 40/40 establishment was voted down & Luda was granted his license to open his Chicken & Beer restaurant.

I guess you can say that Jay Z got sent “To the left to the left?”  {Beyonce’ Voice}


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