"The Voice" is taking over television and with plenty of great host and talent on the show. I had the chance to talk with singer Rob Taylor who is a contestant for this year and I had the pleasure of speaking with him via phone inside The Afternoon Jumpoff.

While I am a firm believer that some of the best talent is right here in the dirty south and the boot is known for knocking down the doors for plenty of great talent. When I found out about this talented brother I had to get him on the show and see what we could do to help get him to the next level. The last time we had some influential power was a few years ago when a guy you may be familiar with Joshua Ledet was vying for "American Idol". Well Rob called into the show and I spoke with him on yesterday, check out the interview!

"The Voice" Contestant Rob Taylor Calls Into The Afternoon Jumpoff:

Hit up Rob Taylor on Twitter and stay in the loop on what he's working on and what he's got coming up. We'll also keep you in the loop on what he's working on and what's next. Check out some of his recent performances on The Voice!

The Voice: Meet Rob Taylor:

Rob Taylor- "I Want You":

The Voice 2015 Battle Jeremy Gaynor and Rob Taylor:



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