Colors For A Cause is a great event that is known for helping Louisiana based families who have a child battling Cancer. They ask that you make donations to help provide assistance for Mortgage/Rent, Utilities and Travel Expenses for their Medical Treatment.

They will have their annual Color For A Cause event on Saturday September 1st at the Lake Charles Civic Center Amphitheater. The time will be frome 10 am- 2 pm with two free concerts that will feature plenty of great music. Jamie Bergeron and Gyth Rigdon will be performing with a major back to back showcase of great music.

Also if you need more information,  make sure you go to colors for a . This is a powerful and much needed event and you can also join some of my co workers Mike Soileau and Your Buddy Russ who will be hosting the event from our sister station Gator 99.5.

Also be on the look out for Catching for a cause on Saturday September 29th in Orange, Tx fora boat launch and also for the BBQ Cook off that day.

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