The anticipation is high with this being such a big weekend. The highly controversial and anticipated movie 50 Shades of Grey drops today, along with it being Valentines Day tomorrow. Only time will tell what will happen with that. But this Sunday marks the return of Sunday Night Slow Jams with R. Dub!


R. Dub! and Brian Mcknight on Shark Tank:


I personally had the chance to meet R. Dub when he came down right before New Years. We met for dinner and talked about old radio stories and mutual people that we knew. I find this to be big as alot of folks with his stature are not concerned with making rounds to meet some of their affiliate stations. The funny thing about it, was that he wasn't even on our station. After the conversation and meeting, I knew that I wanted the show on my station. The show plays just the right songs to get you in the mood. He plays the hottest artist from today and back in the day and it premieres this weekend right here!


R. Dub! Stopping By 107 Jamz To Talk About Sunday Night Slow Jams:


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