One of the best decisions I made was when I decided to put on Sunday Night Slow Jams. The show was a staple in the city for several years on another station in Lake Charles, but went dark when the station flipped formats.

I got a personal call from R-Dub! who was visiting his mom in New Orleans and wanted to come up and meet me. We had a great conversation and talked about the culture of Louisiana, his family and mine and about our mutual love for radio. I decided to put the show on the radio on Valentines Day weekend in 2015 on Sunday night and the show has been a winner for me since it's debut.

Well today I received a package in the mail and it was a plaque that sent by R Dub! and Sunday Night Slow Jams that commemorates 5,000,000 listeners to the show. Every time I listen to the show it takes me back to when he first started it as a teenager and an idea. It's great to see how the show has grown and I am more then happy to call one of the best assets on our station.

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