Well today people we are going in with the Throwback Thursday mix with DJ Ty Ski. This is my favorite day of the week as this is the time that we take it back to the essence of the real hip hop and r&b. But today we are going for the entire hour and Ty Ski is hooking up the mix live in the studio with actual vinyl.


Now alot of the newer cats have never heard of vinyl and don't realize that when scratching and mixing first started it was through the use of actual records. One of the creators of scratching Grandmaster Flash would kill two turntables with straight hits and if the needle on the record skipped. That was the norm as most dj's have had that happen to them at one time or another.

DJ Ty Ski Live In The Mix:


So make sure you are locked in today beginning at 5 pm as DJ Ty Ski will be setting things off with the real and don't be surprised if you hear me yelling all the way down I-10 because I will most definately have the radio turned all the way up. Also make sure you get at Ty for your parties, mixtapes or school functions because he will set the party off like no other. I'll see you today at 5.


Grandmaster Flash On Vinyl:


DJ Scratch Showcases his vinyl collection:

DJ Jazzy Jeff Live in action:

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