DJ Ty Ski will be setting things off tomorrow kicking off at 5 pm. It is officially the first Friday in November and that means the First Friday Mix will be on full display. We will be mixing on the radio until midnight with DJ Ty Ski, DJ Kool Aid, DJ Infamous, Jigga JT, DJ Tr3y, Big Boy Chill, DJ Bootsie and who knows who else will be in the house.

DJ Ty Ski Live In The Mix:

We're getting very close to the holidays and that means we are getting ready to shut the city down with the official takeover. So if you're looking to get out and about on tomorrow night, then make sure you tune in with some of the hottest mixers on the radio and get ready to set it off.


Also make sure you hit us up on Twitter at 107jamz if you have something you want to get in the mix while it's going on. Thanks to all of you who look forward to it every month and of course the dj's for donating their time and showing out for the Lake City.


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