The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) announced Thursday, September 23 that there will be closures on I-10 and I-110 on Saturday, October 1. Motorists in Lake Charles and the surrounding area who travel these roadways daily for work should make plans to take an alternate route now.

DOTD officials report that I-10 West and I-110 North will be completely closed during the evening at about 10 pm, but NOT at the same time. So, morning commuters should be okay. Getting back is more than likely gonna be a little tricky. FYI both interstates will also be used as a detour when the other roadway is closed.

According to DOTD, the closures are needed to remove and repair overhead signs and trusses over the interstates. The I-110 northbound interstate is going to be the first to closed first. Officials at the transportation dept. estimate the work will be completed the next day at around 6 a.m. on Oct. 2.

Traffic is more than likely going to back up just a bit, motorists are urged to leave a little early to get where they need to go. The closures will begin with the center and right lanes of I-10 westbound at Dalrymple Dr. The on-ramps from Dalrymple Dr. and Washington St., and at Louise St. Motorists will still be able to exit from I-10 westbound at Dalrymple Dr.

The detour will take motorists at I-110 northbound and continue on to meet up with on  I-10 westbound across the river. From there it proceeds to LA 1 northbound, to U.S. 190 eastbound back across the river, and then reconnecting with I-110. When the overhead signs repair is over

Once the overhead work is complete above I-110, road crews will reopen the roadway and move traffic over to the far right lanes to begin the full closure of I-10 westbound, before the I-10/I-110 split. Please note when this happens the exit to Terrace St. from    I-110 southbound will also be closed. The detour will take traffic to
I-110 northbound on to U.S. 190 westbound across the river. The detour will proceed to LA 1 southbound and reconnect with I-10.

Finally, DOTD says motorists that travel I-10 eastbound and I-110 southbound, will not be affected by the road closures. The off-ramp exit at Terrace St. will be closed, however.

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