It seems like Drake and Chris Brown have finally squashed their long-standing beef. Despite cancelling numerous tour dates, Aubrey and the three Migos kicked off their regularly scheduled string of shows in Los Angeles on Friday night (Oct. 12). During his set, Drake shocked the masses when he revealed his unexpected special guest: C. Breezy.

Drake brought out Chris to perform his own songs like “Party” and “Freaky Friday” without his counterpart Lil Dicky. Fans were definitely hype to see the two onstage together.

Afterward, Drizzy commented on the reunion on social media. “This is not a fan edit,” Drake wrote at the top of his Instagram caption of a picture of the performance. “Last time I was on stage with Breezy was 2009 at Virginia Commonwealth University...tonight I got to reconnect with him for the first night at Staples! I love a good full circle moment. Thank you.”

Aubrey and Chris’ beef officially began back in 2012 after an ugly brawl that erupted inside W.i.P. Nightclub in SoHo. The “Take Care” rapper, who was rumored to be romantically involved withChris' ex Rihanna at the time, allegedly dissed the “Loyal” singer when he denied a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne. Insults were hurled, punches were thrown and eventually bottles began flying from wall to wall of the club. Since the aftermath of the fight, there has always been tension between both multi-platinum artists until last night.

Breezy was likewise proud of the special moment. He posted pictures from the performance on his Instagram page captioning the photos, "DOUBLE DRAGONS 🐉," "MOVEMENT.... NOT A MOMENT!" and "2 KINGZ!" Will we receiving a Drake and Chris Brown collaboration in the near future?

Watch the Scorpion rapper bring out Chris Breezy in the video below.—Tony Centeno

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