The Real Sound Of Htown/Louisiana SUCOG GOT THE CITY ON FIRE AGAIN SWANGING & BANGING AGAIN!!!!! Shot by @DGreenFilmz

Cedric Hill is hands down one of the most notable rap veterans on the Gulf Coast. He’s known for his infectious flow and the ability to freestyle for hours, about just about anything! He’s etched into the DNA of Gulf Coast hip-hop so much that you can taste it in every sip you take from 20 oz white styrofoam cup. Yes, it’s that serious. If you’re a true fan, then you know I’m referring to E.S.G.

The Everyday Street Gangsta drops his latest single “Southside Still Holding,” an homage to a culture that not only shaped Texas and Louisiana, but an entire nation. The DGreenFilmz directed visuals dropped on Monday, April 10, and it’s already fetched over 25,000 views on Facebook.

Not sure if the Screwed Up Click rapper is releasing an album or mixtape soon, but the single is available on iTunes and other music platforms. We’ll keep you posted for more, but in the meantime check out the official visuals for “Southside Still Holding.”

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