According to NJ.com, Eric B was released from Bergen County Jail on Tues., Nov. 12.


Hip-hop veteran Eric B. recently found himself behind bars in New Jersey for an incident that occurred back in 2001.

The DJ was released from jail in New Jersey on Tuesday (Nov. 12), after turning himself in to authorities on Oct. 28, reports NBC New York. The Eric B. and Rakim member reportedly surrendered to police last month in relation to a warrant for his arrest that issued 17 years ago. According to the news outlet, B, born Eric Barrier, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and resisting arrest/eluding on Jan. 28, 2002, for an incident that happened in Ridgefield Park, N.J in September 2001. Two months later, he failed to appear in court for the case and a judge issued a bench warrant.

The Eric B. Is President artist was released on bail. His next court date is Nov. 22.

Eric B's lawyer, Patrick Toscano, blames this situation on missteps made by the rap artist's former legal council. He claims Eric B's lawyer at the time, Paul Bergrin, told the DJ he did not have to show up for the court hearing surrounding the case because it had been dismissed.

"The allegations against my client are some 19 years old," Toscano told News 4 New York in a statement. "The legal advice given to him at that time was exceedingly impolitic, and we will be righting that wrong promptly. Mr. Barrier will be clearing this all up with reasonable dispatch."

In recent years, Eric B. has transitioned into acting. He has scored roles on ABC's The Goldbergs and most recently, Blue Bloods. He and rhyme partner Rakim reunited for a tour in spring 2018.

XXL has reached out to Eric B's team for comment.

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