It's Christmas everyone and whether you are ready for it or not today is that day. I am sure the children are into all of their new toys and enjoying what Santa brought for them, and of course you have to have a little holiday music to get the day going for you. I decided to drop some of my favorite songs that  I look forward to hearing every Christmas and here they are below.


1.) New Edition- "It's Christmas All Over The World":

2.) The Temptations- "Silent Night":

3.) TLC- "Sleigh Ride":

4.) Chris Brown- "This Christmas":

5.) Luther Vandross- "Every Year, Every Christmas":

6.) Sounds Of Blackness- "Soul Holiday":

7.) Boyz To Men- "Let It Snow":

8.) Bob Rivers- "12 Pains of Christmas":

9.) John Lennon- "Happy Christmas":

10.)Mariah Carey- "All I Want For Christmas":

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