During Sunday's protest, I got to see various speakers and people in attendance of the peaceful rally. One of them is Mr. Alvin Joseph. He's the president of the Lake Charles Branch of the NAACP. I wanted to have him on my show to really offer a perspective for the community locally so we could talk about not only the injustices we are facing as a minority. We also touched on the kiling of George Floyd, working together as a unit, and how we can get involved with the NAACP.

Below is a two-part interview with Mr. Joseph, where we got in depth in our discussion and really offered insight into what we as a community can be doing in order to get the things we want.


If you would like to be a part of the Lake Charles NAACP, please call 337-888-4835 or email naacplakecharles@gmail.com to get more details and information. One thing I love about being on the radio is the opportunity to offer a voice to those who are leaders in the community and help to bring a calm to the city if possible. Keep listening up for more interviews and upcoming town hall discussions coming soon.

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