This was a tough post for me. Obviously, because I love what I do, I have run across a lot of celebrities in this industry. What's funny is while I love meeting artists and musicians, I am just as a big of fan of people in the radio world. I love meeting people who I used to listen to and when the opportunity presents itself, I am first in line for that chance meeting.

However, below I am going to reveal ten people who I am fans of not only because of what they do, but they were truly genuine people when I met them and made me feel like I mattered at that moment of the meeting.

Erik Tee's Top Ten Favorite Celebrity Meetings

I have been in radio now for over thirty years, starting out at 14 years old. Obviously, I have had the pleasure of meeting several artists. Many of them are still here and relevant to this day. There are some more I wanted to add, but maybe I will save them for the next gallery.

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