One of the few things that made Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.'s beef personal was the involvement of Faith Evans. During their rap tiff, she was still married to Biggie and rumors circulated that Shakur had sexual relations with Evans ("That's why I f---ed your bitch you fat motherf---er on," he rhymes on 'Hit 'Em Up'). In a previously unreleased interview with Video Music Box, the songstress addresses all of the rumors.

In the footage, which seems to be from the late '90s, Evans denies having such a relationship with Shakur. The two previously collaborated on 'Wonder Why They Call U Bitch' off 'All Eyez on Me.' She says "there really never was a situation," and heard the rumors after working with him.

"I come back home and the first thing I hear that has nothing to do with his record is that me and him were involved," Evans states. "That's not true at all."

The singer also maintains that while she's separated from Biggie at that time, she's still faithful to him. Evans does imply he was wasn't doing the same, however. The conversation then moves to Lil' Kim when the interviewer asks about comments Biggie made on a radio show about the 'Hard Core' rapper.

"That's phony," Evans says. "This was somebody who I had up in my house, taking her to the gym. I would take her shopping, give her my style and things like that. And all along she's sleeping with my husband. It's like a big soap opera I feel stupid even sitting here talking about."

Watch the throwback clip above.

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