What do you do when you walk into your home and run across someone who is obviously not in their right mind? This family walked into their home and found a young lady sleeping on their couch and apparently she was under the influence.

While the video should not be taken lightly, you can tell that she was on something or just delusional from lack of sleep. When they woke her up, she kept saying she copped this house. Now I have been in the game for a minute and am pretty used to current slang and terms, but what is she talking about unless she is saying that this house is now hers. Check out the video below and oh yeah excuse the dirty feet.

I couldn't stop laughing at this video and all I can say is that they had the patience of someone in the bible. We never saw the police come, but you have to wonder if they showed up or not. Anyway please let us know what she was drinking because the after affects of that drink had more then she needed in her system.

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