Okay, folks, if haven't heard about this story let me fill you in real quick. According to Pineville, LA Police, Sunday, March 12 they got calls that a driver in a white Chevy truck was traveling northbound in the southbound lanes of Hwy. 165. They arrived on the scene to find that 67-year-old Duane Boudreaux was swerving in and out of oncoming traffic traveling at 95 mph!

It's a miracle that Boudreaux didn't kill someone or himself. Several cars ran off the road to avoid accidents as police rushed to the scene. An officer tried to conduct a traffic stop but Boudreaux refused to pull over and dangerously took cops on a highspeed 360 chase, as he drove in circles in and of the median serval times. At one point it looked like he was chasing the police!

Finally, the madness came to an end when Boudreaux slammed head-on into a police unit and attempted to push the squad car backward. Officers took the man out of his truck and made a shocking discovery. He was naked from the waist down! The final moments of the bizarre chase were videoed and we can thank the digital team at KALB for the video.

There is nothing funny about a drunk driver. Although I will say, if that was a commercial showing off the torque and toughness of a Chevy truck, that point would have been made! Because that truck drove through the medium over and over like it was nothing. I also found myself wondering where his other sock was. One this is for sure. We will definitely have to file this under the "stupid nake criminal files." It was quite a show!

Would you believe this was Duane Boudreaux's 4th DUI? Well, for his trouble he caught a laundry list of other charges including aggravated flight from an officer, traffic-control signals, reckless operation of a vehicle, improper lane use, driving on the left lane impeding the flow of traffic, driving on the right side of the road, driving left of the center, turn signals required 100 feet, ignition interlock device offenses, aggravated assault with a motor vehicle upon a peace officer, and resisting an officer.

At last word, Mr. Boudreaux was still in custody at the Rapides Parish Detention Center with a bond set at $112,000.

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