Lake Charles has friends in high places. Southwest Louisiana is home to a good number of famous people. Many of them grew up in or near Lake Charles such as husband and wife sports duo Casey Daigle(Lake Charles), baseball pitcher in the Houston Astros, and softball star, Jennie Finch (Sulphur)

SWLA proudly shares with the rest of the world Grammy Award-winning and nominated music artists who've gained national attention from stars like Boozoo Chavis, Rockin Sidney, Clifton Chenier, Queen IdaMikey Smith Jr., Sean and Chris Ardoin, and so many others.

Hollywood movie stars like Zachary Levi Pugh, best known for his role as the superhero, Shazam! Lake Charles has sent countless athletes to the pros from the NFL, the NBA, and WNBA to the MLB!  Many of them attended McNeese State University and went on to gain national recognition.

The legacy of the South's famous natives and student-athletes continues with interesting facts about celebrities who attended the University of Louisiana! KLFY 10 recently noted a host of famous Rajin Cajuns that attended UL Lafayette. Take a peek below:

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