As J. Cole celebrates the release of his new album, ‘Born Sinner,’ a creepy fan request has rained on his parade. 


TMZ is reporting that the fan sent the rapper a scary tweet,


Crazy right?  Well that God, this was a joke.  A very bad one……but a joke none the less.  As it turns out, the man later rescinded the tweet, saying that it was a joke and the gun was just a BB gun.   J. Cole tweeted in response, “Wildest s— I ever seen on twitter.”

In all actuality, fans or Stans as their called,  have been using Twitter as a vehicle to get artists’ attention for some time.   Listen to Tha Wire below and find out what artist was targeted last year.

In quick news, as the gun debate continues to heat-up in America, rap icon and actor Ice-T  is narrating a new gun rights documentary called, ‘Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire.’  Here's a sneak preview.

The film, defends Americans’ right to bear arms. Pro gun advocate Ted Nugent makes an appearance in the film as does several NRA fans.  If your interested and want to see it, listen to Tha Wire below and find out what theaters will have it and when.

Finally, as Beyonce rakes in $100 million dollars in tickets sales overseas for her “Mrs. Carter World Tour”, Bey was also starring down a whopping $100 million dollar lawsuit.  According to reports the suit was filed by game company, Gate Five and their claiming the songbird tried to illegally break a contract with them.

Billboard reports the gaming company had a deal with Beyonce to use her likeness to create a motion detection dance game called Starpower: Beyonce.  However, Beyonce allegedly demanded more money at the last minute and when they refused; she skipped out on their contract.  With that, the company is claiming they incurred damages as a result, because the lost investors and was forced to lay off 70 people during the holiday season.

Find out what the company is doing now and why Beyoncé is off the hook.  Listen to Tha Wire and get all of today's juicy details.  Press play now: