I am a fan of The Fantasic Four series from the comic books to the movies and really didn't see anything wrong with the movies at all. Obviously I must have been the only one, because the company went back to the drawing board, rewrote the script and casted an entirely new crew for the movie. While I am still a fan, I am curious as to whether the movie will work. Check it out for yourself as I introduce the trailer to you below.


The Fantastic Four Movie Trailer:

With some youngblood and for the most part new faces. This could bring an entirely different crowd to the party. With the addition of Michael B Duncan who has already made waves in movies like "Fruitvale Station" ,"Red Tails" and "Chronicle" and Kate Mara from hits like "Shooter" and "We are Marshall" this could be just what the movie needed.


It seems like superhero movies are popping up everyday and being a fan of many of them I will be in the building for this one. From the looks of the trailer, they have been able to bring new faces and still keep it true to the original concept. It's almost to the point where we may not even remember the first two that came out before this one. There is already a plan for a "Fantastic Four Two" somewhere in 2017, although I am sure it all depends on the outcome of this one. So make sure you go and support the movie this year.

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