Fat Joe is clearing the air about him spending all of Big Pun's millions.

In an interview with Power 99, Fat Joe claims people aren't putting enough respeck on Big Pun's name and that he (along with Remy Ma) are the only ones keeping Pun's legacy going. He also responded to claims by the late rapper's widow, Liza Rios, that he is taking money from them.

“I’m just a human being,” said the 45-year-old. "I’m from the projects too. I came from the f----- up too, my family f----- up, too. Ain’t no security. I ain’t no Kennedy, I ain’t no Diddy Combs, I ain’t no Jay Z, I ain’t got it like them. I’m supposed to support somebody else’s family for twenty years? N----- gotta get jobs."

Later he continued: "I had to drill that in her head. These are the only n----- trying to rep your man."

The interview comes two years after Rios sued Fat Joe for more than a million dollars until they settled earlier this year in June for two million.

But Fat Joe has done well lately; he made his way back to the charts this year with his hit track, "All The Way Up." He also co-headlined Hot 97's Summer Jam this June.

It's been sixteen years since Big Pun passed away. Do you think his legacy is being honored as it should be? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

And check out Pun and Joe's classic track "Twinz (Deep Cover '98)" below:




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