Today in Tha Wire, I never will understand why people post every aspect of their lives on social media, especially when their engaging in illegal activity.  They might as well go to a police department and tell the first officer they see what they're doing!  When a person has more than 28,000 followers on Instagram, mainly do to their constant posts about living a "kingpin lifestyle," it's fair to assume 90% of those people aren't family and friends. Federal agents might even wanna follow you, when you're uploading pics of yourself posing with bundles of cash, and a small arsenal of weapons, that include a few AK47's. Just saying... that may not be the smartest thing in the world to do.

A 26-year old Miami music producer, found that out recently.   The Miami Herald reported last week, Harrison Garcia's, social media showboating got him more attention than he bargained for.  While bragging online about partying with famous friends, showing off his fleet of exotic cars, designer clothes, shoes and bags, the self-proclaimed “CEO of the Purple Drank,” is now at the center of a massive drug investigation.  Garcia not only single handedly incriminated himself, but inadvertently blew the whistle on two of his famous associates.  Those being Chris Brown and Lil Wayne.

Garcia’s lawyers, Gustavo Lage and Percy Martinez laid out an interesting defense to jurors.  They insisted their client was just trying to build street cred. They explained he used props the guns and money as posts, to gain followers.  They even claimed Garcia was an addict, rather than a dealer.  Whether or not jurors bought that, is another story.

According to reports last week during cross-examination by the defense, U.S. Homeland Security Agent Kevin Selent, dropped a bomb, confirming Breezy and Wayne are now on the Feds radar.  Senent stated there is an “open investigation,” and the depth of the stars involvement with Garcia was being looked at.  However the agent refused to give further details on that investigation, saying I am “not allowed to talk about it.”

Making matters worse last Thursday during Garcia's, trial it was revealed a gang a text messages were seized from his phone.  Some alluded to the fact that Chris and Wayne were not just his aquatints but, customers.  Unfortunately for the two stars some some of the more damaging text messages, were presented to the jury.

The Herald reports one text had Garcia sending a text to a "do-boy," to allegedly get weed to Weezy.  It read,  “I’ll shoot u some trees,” followed by "It’s for Wayne.” While a different text from the music producer, shows how he brags to a female that Chris Brown just paid him $15K for drugs.  The text reportedly read:

Garcia: “Look who put money my account."

Female: "What that for LOL."

Garcia: "Drugs...lean and sh-t.”

Adding insult to injury... he then sends the woman a screen shot of the $15,000 bank deposit, showing it was sent to his account from a “Christopher Brown!”  This is not good and certainly not the type of drama either artist needs in their lives, especially Chris. Everybody knows Wayne gets high, and lean has been his drink of choice for years unfortunately.  Breezy is enjoying success once again, and more legal problems could spell disaster for the career he's fought so hard to keep alive.  So far reps for the two stars aren't making any comments on the matter.  No surprises there.

Where this will all end up, is anyone's guess.  As always I will keep you posted with any further details on this, or any other entertainment news.  To stay in the know, just tuned into Tha Wire every weekday on The People's Station 107 Jamz.

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