Late night television is known for pushing the envelope. We have some of your favorites like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel who are obviously keeping late nights up there. Sometimes they go places that we may not want to see or even hear. Recently on the Jimmy Kimmel hit the streets and found a young lady who admitted on live television to cheating on her boyfriend. Not with just some guy down the streets, but with a celebrity.

While fellas generally always get a bad rap for sleeping with someone outside of their relationship. This female seriously takes a major "L" for this one. The only thing that is bad is the fact that she has a new boyfriend. While I am a firm believer that people change for the most part. You have to wonder how the boyfriend feels knowing that his girl cheated on a past boyfriend with an athlete. Wow.....Check out the random video below and listen to some of the comments as well.


Jimmy Kimmel Discovers Female Who Cheated On Boyfriend with Athlete:

Major "L" that's all I can say. The really funny thing about it is that she wouldn't give the name of the person she crept with, but she gave every bit of information to learn who the person was that she was talking about. You have to love late night tv and the folks who get their fifteen minutes of fame without their knowledge.

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