Jimmy Kimmel drops his latest edition of "Lie Witness News" where he asks random people on the street their thoughts on the "Crisis in Wakanda", and they weigh in.

There's just one problem. Wakanda isn't real! It's a fictitious country in Marvel's record-breaking Black Panther movie. If you've seen BP already or you're just plain in touch with the world and reality, the answers people give will have you dumbfounded.

As I sat and watched the video twice, I thought, how do people not know this is a made up place? Are people really that out of touch with reality, or did they just not want to seem clueless on national TV and just gave an answer as not to seem uneducated? I'd rather just say "I don't know" and keep it moving rather than chance looking foolish in front of millions of people.

Their life our entertainment, I guess.

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