What's the old saying, you never miss your water until your well runs dry? Well I am sure there are some who would quickly argue that they are better off without some of their exes. But this young lady could possibly be feeling the effects of a lost love.


This young lady was obviously trolling an ex boyfriends social media page and came across something that didn't make her feel to good. While we don't have all of the details of who broke up with who or what happened. Her friend and I use that loosely caught her on video talking about how she loved him and really giving major props to his new girlfriend. Check out the enclosed video and see for yourself.

Female has meltdown when she discovers her ex boyfriends new girlfriend:

It's hard to really say if she was laughing or crying, but you can tell that she is a little bothered by what she is seeing. I am a firm believer that everyone you date will not be the person you will spend the rest of your life with. However I do believe that you should give it your all if this feels like the one. On another note someone trash can be someone else's treasure as evident in this clip.

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