The first time I heard the name Spike Lee, it was when he directed the movie She's Gotta have it. The movie initially starred Spikes sister Joie Lee and Tracy Camilla Johns who was sharing a relationship with three different men in the movie. The movie was obviously controversial not just for that reason, but it is a classic over 30 years later.

The movie is getting a reboot and broken down to a miniseries with Spike Lee at the helm of the show. The cast stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the new series and how it was working with Spike Lee on the new series.


The show premeres tomorrow on Netflix with 10 episodes to quench your thirst for some entertainment and I'm sure it will be the topic of discussion over the Thanksgiving holiday. Check out the trailer below from the show.

We will be checking out the show as it debuts tomorrow and you can binge all day long.

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