Fetty Wap has been hard at work to give fans what they crave — more new music. After a couple leaks made their way out their earlier this year, the leader of of the Zoo is bearing more gifts. Today (May 27) Fetty Wap takes us back to 4/20 with the visuals for his medicated mix "Wake Up."

Although Fetty just released "Victor Cruz" featuring Monty last week, it seems like "Wake Up" could be the "Trap Queen" rhymer's next biggest hit. The feel-good two-stepper finds Fetty taking it back to high school. He raps about the struggles to get out of bed and the plight of high school students as characters play out the narrative.

“I told moms I ain’t tripping over school cause I made it/Said, Boy you got a son, supposed to be his inspiration//Put a milli in his bank account, don’t leave him, I was thinking/I’ll never do him wrong like they did the operation/Took the n—a’s vision from him, was a mothafucking baby/Said a couple years later they could give him back to me/Technology is moving too slow, I’m waiting patiently/Shit, I don’t want it no more, this how I’m meant to be/Remember young kids in the school used to laugh at him/Guess I played my numbers real good, check the mathematics,” Fetty Wap raps.

But of course it isn't your typical Paterson, New Jersey high school. Fetty adds his own touch to the curriculum as we see strippers working the pole in the cafeteria, 40s being being thrown back in class, a textbook on "Ancient Greek Thots" and teachers lighting up apple bongs.

With the new heat he's dropping, Fetty could have a sophomore LP in the works. Gucci is home too, so maybe we will get a banger from Fetty and the guy he looks up to?  Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Peep Fetty Wap's video for "Wake Up" above.

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